Secure firewall is the first line of defense

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Cybersecurity has always been a top priority for business innovators, but hybrid work and a multi-cloud world have raised the stakes considerably. According to one recent report, the global cost of cybercrime reached an estimated $5.8 trillion in 2021. New ransomware attacks, supply chain intrusions, and increasingly bold state actors are all pushing cybersecurity teams…

Firewalls in the era of edge perimeters

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Q. How has the firewall market changed since 2020? A. It may be easier to say what hasn’t changed. The firewall remains a foundational security control in the enterprise network architecture. But digital transformation is the name of the game —change is the only constant, and the firewall has not emerged from the process unscathed.…

Top 5 tips for choosing a firewall

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Rethink firewall as your flexible, dependable security foundation for a new world of distributed environments. Need to modernize your firewall? You’re not alone. In fact, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population by 2023[1]. Now’s the time to consider a 5-step approach to updating your security…

Hybrid work meets the firewall

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How to boost your attack posture in the age of remote and hybrid work. Hybrid work meets firewall – it’s an important conversation for all IT and security professionals. In this latest engaging episode of Cisco TV, host Jason Wright, Cisco’s Security Marketing Manager, interviews three highly knowledgeable experts on working smarter—not harder—with firewall integrations…

Drive security resilience with Cisco's Secure Firewall

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Your security strategy isn’t finished until you apply the principles of Security Resilience across the organization. Data and applications live everywhere, and most organizations are operating across multiple environments to achieve greater agility and flexibility. But the unforeseen by-product of this evolution is complexity — spawning an expanding attack surface and new vulnerabilities. Adding to…

Closing the endpoint visibility gap

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Eliminate the manual work of collating endpoint information when security incidents occur with actionable device data insights. The future of work involves connecting everyone and everything across a widely distributed, global business environment. At the same time, this ecosystem must be securely resilient to mitigate threats to the rapidly growing volume of connected devices. To do that,…

Cisco Secure Firewall at a glance

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Turn your entire network into an extension of your security architecture. In today’s digital enterprise, business-critical applications are based in both cloud and on-premises. Because users need secure access to resources from everywhere, the traditional firewall approach no longer works. For many organizations, the application is the new perimeter, and traditional firewall deployments have evolved…

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