Turn your entire network into an extension of your security architecture.

In today’s digital enterprise, business-critical applications are based in both cloud and on-premises. Because users need secure access to resources from everywhere, the traditional firewall approach no longer works.

For many organizations, the application is the new perimeter, and traditional firewall deployments have evolved to a mixture of physical, virtual, and cloud-native appliances. As a result, organizations are struggling to operationalize support for modern application environments. Challenges include how to maintain consistent visibility, policy enforcement, and uniform threat visibility without opening vulnerabilities that expose the organization to risk.

Cisco’s new network security vision, called NetWORK, enables a more agile, automated, and integrated approach for harmonizing policies and enforcement across modern dynamic applications and increasingly heterogenous networks. Secure Firewall provides the deepest set of integrations between core networking functions and network security, delivering the most secure architecture ever. The result is a complete security portfolio that protects your applications and users everywhere.

The list of benefits is significant:

●     Real-time, unified, workload and network security for integrated control across dynamic application environments

●     Platform approach to network security, leveraging and sharing intelligence from key sources for faster detection, response, and remediation

●    Safeguard remote workers with highly secure enterprise access anytime, anywhere, from any device, with powerful threat prevention capabilities that protect the organization, users and critical applications

●     SecureX™ entitlement included with every Cisco® Secure Firewall, for a tightly integrated approach to security that enables threat correlation across the Cisco Secure portfolio and accelerates incident response

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